The Blessing of Shamanism and the I AM

What many people don’t realise is that shamanism is a way, a way that breathes you, that moves you, that touches you deep in the heart. It is a connection to All That Is. It is the I AM.

It is a blessing to help us navigate through the layers of soul that need healing as we move deeper into ourselves.
It has Infinite Spirit and as we are on the Earth – shamanism is one of the most powerful tools to help us to connect with the Spirits of the Earth and the Universe! Yes those Spirits that love us and wish to help us to heal so we can all live in more Earth friendly ways on our beautiful Mother (the Mother Earth) and we can all do what our souls came to do!

Shamanism speeds up the healing path and stops many repeating patterns as it goes right to the original hurt to heal the depth of ourselves. When we do this all subsequent patterns are removed although this doesn’t necessarily make it easier as we still have to face what needs healing within ourselves, but the difference is we are held by Spirit as we do this and we are supported by the Spirit of the Medicine Wheel. The Medicine wheel is a connection to all the directions, all the elements and the Spirits that come from the directions. It is really like saying “God come closer, support and hold me until I am through” and God comes and Great Spirit hears your prayers and answers.

Shamanism trains you in the power of ceremony that when anything is happening in your life and you do ceremony the call for help is amplified. This is the power of ceremony. When you are initiated in the Medicine Wheel it is like the Spirits hear you and see you – it is like you can see the answers coming and the blessings coming (when you are ready). Even through the tough bits of life the shamanic wheel and your friends (Spirits) in the directions you can feel them and you know they are there to support you.

Shamanism also goes right to the depth of our Spirit allowing any work we have done on our mind or emotions to beautifully merge. In healing shamanism returns energies back to their proper place in the Universe without judgement so that peace and harmony is restored.

In a nutshell Shamanism is Love.

Even if you are religious shamanism can beautifully merge with any aspect of your life and any religion as it (not being religious itself) connects you to all the directions rather than just up i.e. God in all the directions and within.
As you peel away the layers and look within, we hope that you will reach the beauty that is within us all, as you walk your soul walk in deep peace and harmony. We hope that you hear the sound of your heart so you have the deep peace, sincere joy and the Love of the I Am Presence that we all seek.

White Feathers Woman talks about Shamanism – Shamanism is Love: