Heal yourself through shamanism with Grey Elk, Sligo

Thank you to Marleen of Angel World in Sligo for hosting this workshop.

Grey Elk (Paul O’Halloran) will be doing a one day workshop using shamanic techniques to help to heal you and in so doing help you to connect you with why you are here as a soul.

The workshop will use techniques and exercises from one of the oldest traditions on earth (shamanism) to help clear the way so that you can more deeply connect with yourself, with nature and with the Spirit helpers around you. Shamanism is so relevant to today and many people are lacking the tools to connect to Great Spirit and access the spiritual help that is all around them as sometimes ancestral and soul “stuff” can get in the way. This is exactly what shamanism does, it deeply heals you and your ancestors so that you can do what you really came to do with joy, love and peace.

The workshop will include:

To help connect you to your Guardian and Power Animal Spirits.

To help you connect with your Ancestors and heal any that are coming forward to move on.

To be guided on a healing journey led by Grey Elk.

Any other techniques Grey Elk will be guided to do on the day depending on the energy of the group.

The day is 65Euro and please call Angel & Gift world on 071 9143440 to book or you can email or you can book on line at this link

Blessings and may you walk with peace and love in your heart.

Shamanic Practitioners Medicine Wheel 2019

The shamanic practitioners course is a deepening – to help you to heal what is holding you back in your life, to help you to find yourself and to help you connect to nature and the spirit helpers around you more deeply. It is more of a way than a course as the energy of the wheel will work individually with each person. At the end of the course you will become a shamanic practitioner providing you have finished all 4 sets of 4 days. You also receive the Munay Ki rites as a gift as part of the course as well as an electronic manual so that you can run your own classes in the Munay Ki rites.

The shamanic practitioners course includes:

  • Healing techniques as we travel through the directions
  • Deeper journey work to heal ourselves, the earth and others
  • Power and soul retrieval and extraction work
  • Munay Ki rites – initiations into the shamans path
  • Community and distance healing
  • Fire and other ceremony/ rituals
  • Drumming techniques
  • Learning to work with shamanic tools
  • Introduction to divining/dowsing
  • Spirit release
  • Stalking awareness
  • Vision quest
  • Whatever else spirit dictates

Total cost is: 1790Euro made up of a non-refundable booking payment of 350Euro for the shamanic course and each of the 4 sets of 4 days is 360Euro. Or 1590 Euro in advance of the start if the course.

Dates of the next course are:

2019 Galway shamanic practitioners course (Fridays and Mondays are inclusive – the 2019 course is in 4 blocks of 4 days:

Friday 22nd to Monday 25th February 2019 – Shamanic Practitioners Galway 1 Circle Start and 2 South Direction.

Friday 12th to Monday 15th April 2019 – Shamanic Practitioners Galway 3 West Direction and 4 North Direction.

Friday 7th to Monday 10th June 2019 – Shamanic Practitioners Galway 5 East Direction and 6 Shamans Gathering.

Friday 16th to Monday 19th August 2019 – Shamanic Practitioners Galway 7 Remembering and 8 Final gathering.


Although shamanism is an oral tradition we have provided notes in a full colour manual so as to help you remember the techniques you will learn during the course. You will also receive a shamanic practitioners certificate so you can get insured to do the work at the end of the course providing you have completed the entire course.

Providing you have finished the wheel (you have to complete all 4 modules) you can then go on and train in the Advanced Shamanic course to heal geopathic stress, land and houses and learn deeper healing techniques.

Testimonials of our shamanic work can be found here.

Do not hesitate to get back to us if you have any questions. Also to keep up to date do add your email to the email list on the home page of the website where it says “newsletter sign up”, you can leave at any time.

You are also welcome to join us for any of the fire ceremonies (free) to see what you feel.

Love and blessings and may you walk in beauty.