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Gathering of the community shamans – Sao Miguel Azores.

May 1 at 1:00 pm - May 5 at 2:00 pm


We are so delighted to be hosting our dear friends and truly wonderful teachers Sangoma Zanemvula (Peter Von Maltitz) from South Africa and Trinity Vision Seeker (Rosie Trakostanec) Grandmother from the First Nation Cree, Canada along with Grey Elk (Paul O’Halloran) (Igqirha Xhosa tradition) who will be jointly running this retreat to help you re-boot, cleanse, align and reconnect to your soul purpose.

This workshop will be a truly transformational one that beautifully connects and weaves the medicine from different shamanic cultures in a guided journey of healing and transformation over 5 days. It is a retreat to awaken the depth of the ‘divine’ within…your souls connection home. To cleanse and align your ‘sacred’ geometry of your DNA Codes. “Your souls’ purpose”.

It occurs in the beautiful island of Sao Miguel, Azores Portugal from the 1st to the 5th May 2020.


About your teachers: 

Trinity Vision Seeker (Rosie), Zanemvula (Peter) and Grey Elk (Paul) are truly beautiful teachers as they lead you to your own empowerment to work from your heart,  find your own medicine and connect with why your soul really came here.

Trinity Vision Seeker is a Traditional Healer and Visionary/Medicine Woman who is able to access the truth based theories of ‘souls’ purpose through journey work from many timelines/doorways in the now. Trinity Vision Seeker is a Knowledge Keeper or Akashic Record Keeper for the Soul Retrieval Work and she helps with the union of the Divine Feminine and Masculine and Twin Flame Connections.

Trinity Vision Seeker also helps you to embody Sacred Relationship and learn how to cleanse, fine tune and maintain your energy body.  During the workshop Trinity Vision Seeker may have time to do some work with the Law of Attraction and Spirit Codes. She may also present some tools to quiet the mind.

Trinity Vision Seeker is also an animal whisperer and connects with the Standing Ones, the Elementals and the Ancestral Helpers.

My walk is my journey through time, connecting, growing and awakening every part of my energy through my gifts😊. I support many ‘souls’ in their awakening and ‘Reclaiming of their Spirit’.

My focus is the ‘healing of this planet’ and it’s through the awakening of the people. When you know who you are, you can do anything…you are then connected to the best, ’Self’.

Then when this happens. Your connected to all your helpers, relatives and the divine energies of ‘unconditional love’. What a ‘profound’ U 😊!” Trinity Vision Seeker.


Zanembula (Peter von Maltitz) started training in plant pathology in South Africa. After his studies he became interested in European herbs and Bio-Dynamics. Zanemvula has always been driven by a desire to relieve pain and in 1980  he discovered that he could give relief by using his “hot hands”. To understand this process and develop it he experimented continually and read anything he could find on the subject. 

In 1996 he registered as a spiritual healer and took part in a course in Homeopathy with the Homeopaths Berkley Digby and Dr David Lilley. Studies in African traditional healing with Philip Kubukeli from Khayelitsha, Cape Town followed.

During my training in traditional healing I received the name “Zanemvula” (He comes with the rain) because it rained whenever we performed a ceremony for my ancestors. My final graduation as a fully fledged igqirha took place at a 3-day ceremony during September 1999 on my home farm, Jantjieskraal in the Kouga mountains“. Zanemvula

To read more about Zanemvula please visit his website.


Grey Elk (Paul O’Halloran) trained in shamanism a number of years ago. Both Zanemvula, who trained Grey Elk to become an Igquirha (a bit like a Sangoma!) and Trinity Vision Seeker have been such a blessing on both our journeys. We always feel so honoured to host them. If you wish to read more about Grey Elk please see the about us page. Thank you!


The Gathering of the Community Shamans Workshop itinerary:

 Day 1: Arrival and introductions. Ceremony to set intentions for the week.
  • Sacred Intention Ceremony (aligning thoughts from the heart) and Preparing your body, mind and soul for the week.
  • Distinguish between mediumship and shamanism.
  • Finding the light and bliss in your head.
  • Becoming the observer of your senses.
  • Raise your consciousness of embodiment.
  • Move your awareness into the heart.
  • Building the aspiration network with pranayam.
  • Accessing guidance and asking questions.
Day 2: Clearing and Releasing Soul day. a day specifically to help you to heal and release what no longer serves your soul – out with the old to make space for the new.
  • Soul retrieval and purification with Trinity Vision Seeker, Grey Elk and Zanemvula. Specifically designed with your ‘soul’ in mind… clearing old thought form/ healing and liberation from your ‘old self’.
  • How previous incarnations endorse your ‘healing’ – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually through radical forgiveness exercises.
  • With Finding cracks in the auric field, how to clean and close them.
  • Four ways of working with plants.
  • Finding your higher self and being incorporated.
  • Inverting your awareness and developing silver shield.
  • Going beyond the human and star embodiment into the ethers.
  • Removing prejudice from the nervous system.
Day 3: Ancestral Healing Day.
  • Healing the Ancestral lines and spirit release (taking ghosts to heaven).
  • Guided Shamanic Journey- a step into the most sacred times… past/reconnection/Spirit Animals/Helpers/Medicines/Visions.
Day 4: Ceremony and exercises to bring in the new energies the intent to connect and help you to embody why you are here.
  • Exercises to quiet the thoughts/reaching into the cosmos for your *hidden knowledge* from your ancestors.
  • Empowerment of knowing why you are here…in this dimension
  • Finding your higher self and being incorporated.
  • Going beyond the human and star embodiment into the ethers.
Day 5: Celebration and completion day sharing circle.
  • A special day of recognition through a ‘ancient’ sharing circle.
  • A profound self-realization of ‘soul connections’
  • Smiling embraces of ‘yes’ I made it…I’m here/I’m me😊
  • I’m as of ‘one with the universe😊
  • Zanemvula calling rain!
  • Being the peace.

Zanemvula and Grey Elk.                                      Trinity Vision Seeker and Grey Elk.

About the Venue:

The venue for the event is in the beautiful Senora da Rosa Tradition and Nature Hotel at the edge of Ponta Delgada on the beautiful island of São Miguel, Azores.

If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pricing is to go up shortly please contact us if you are interested  in booking. Thank you so much.


São Miguel Azores
São Miguel
Ponta Delgada, Azores Portugal
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25 available
Non-refundable booking fee100.00This is the non-refundable non-exchangeable booking fee for the workshop Meeting of the Medicine on the 1st to 5th May 2020.