The Power of Community

The power of community is truly amazing, when we get together and focus our intentions, we can achieve so much healing for ourselves, our animals and our environment. When we allow Spirit to work through us and in joining together making the connection even stronger, we can achieve miracles.

Our ancestors worked in this way all the time to bring healing to those who were unwell in the community, they would gather in circle and prayer and with intent and love bring recovery to those in need. We can do this too for people around us and also for our pets.

Animal souls are so pure and open to Spirit that they can receive the healing very fast as they don’t have all the fears, blocks and overthinking that we do.

Daisy’s story: Little Daisy was diagnosed with an inoperable tumour a few weeks ago. She was kept overnight at the vet’s clinic where she had scans, x-rays and tests which confirmed that she had cancer. The best case scenario was that the cancer had not spread to her organs and that she would be made comfortable for some time. Thankfully, the scans showed it has not spread and she was sent home. She was lethargic, feverish and tired. The following weekend, Daisy’s owner, Alisha, attended Paul’s awakening the shaman within event in Oranmore. She brought a photo of Daisy and at the end of the day, the group held a healing circle for Daisy. They focused their attention and energy on bringing light and strength to Daisy. A few days later, another healing circle was organised for her, this time with drumming. Eamon from Community Spirit Drumming in Galway held a ” drumming for Daisy” evening and again, all the participants focused their drumming energy on Daisy’s healing ( while she slept in the centre of the circle!).

The following week, Daisy went for her visit to the vet to follow up on her treatment. The vet examined her and in disbelief, could’t find the tumour. It was gone! Daisy has now made a full recovery and is healthy and happy and celebrating her 11th birthday on the 17th February!


Testimonial – Thanks Marie Healy!

A huge thank you to Marie Healy for writing this lovely testimonial for us for the work of Grey Elk (Paul OHalloran) on house and land healing and individual healing! Thank you Marie!! You are a star!


“If there was a rating system it would be 5 stars all the way!!
The word I always use when I tell people about Paul is “Powerful “.
He is so Powerful & when you go to him you will understand.
He is just amazing at what he does & I’m so grateful he came into our families lives. I just want to keep him! Can we Melanie 🤣
I never knew anything about Shamanism, Geopathic Stress or what a healing can do.
Now my eyes are open to so much going on around me that I could never see before!
I rang in a local radio station, The Neil Prendeville Show, Corks RedFm as they were doing a segment on ghosts as it was Halloween. All the stories were past experiences but mine was happening to me every night & I just thought I was going mad! So I decided to tell everyone on Radio how mad I was (as you do) 🤣🤣 but it was the BEST thing I ever did because they put me in contact with Paul & honestly, not being dramatic but my life changed! It’s still changing now & every day.
There was so much going on in our house, so many trapped souls & Paul came to help & heal them.
I have since got him to do healings on my children & partner & myself & the changes are unbelievable.
If you’re feeling low in energy, not well in yourself but not actually ill, your just not sure what is going on, book an appointment with Paul. It could be Geopathic Stress affecting your home. If you think there is something in your home, your seeing or hearing things & think you could be losing it, like I did!! Your not mad! Contact Paul to see what is going on & he will help you. On top of how powerful he is when it comes to the work he does, outside of that he is a really good hearted, funny person that makes you feel at ease.
If you are reading this, you might be wondering if you should book an appointment to heal you, your house or your land. Don’t hesitate, just go for it & contact Paul or his lovely wife Melanie who deals with his emails, she’s a sweetheart, even though I haven’t met her, through emails I feel like I know her! Also Sarah, who is so lovely, replies to you & no question or help you ask about is mad or silly, they help & advise you so thoughtfully.
I can’t recommend contacting highly enough!”
Marie Healy 

Full Moon Fire Ceremonies & Festivals 2020

Hi Everyone,

The fire ceremonies have now been handed over by Grey Elk to Willie O Toole. Willie is  a great friend and is now the fire keeper. Below are the dates of the fires for 2020 and if you would like to contact Willie here is his number: 0877788063

The fires are held in the same location, in Renville park, Oranmore at the fire pit next to the playground and all members of the community are very welcome. These events are free and if you feel like bringing some tea and biscuits to share afterwards, please do so!

Thank you and Blessings to all.


January- Friday 10th Full Moon

February- Saturday 1st Imbolc (combined with full moon on the 9th)

March-  Monday 9th Full Moon Monday 20th Spring Equinox

April- Wednesday 8th Full Moon

May- Friday 1st Bealtaine (combined with full moon on the 7th)

June- Friday 5th Full Moon Sunday 21st Summer Solstice

July- Monday 5th  Full Moon

August- Saturday 1st Lughnasadh (combined with full moon on the 3rd)

September- Wednesday 2nd Full Moon  Tuesday 22nd Autumn Equinox

October- Thursday 1st Full Moon  Saturday 31st Samhain

November- Monday 30th   Full Moon

December- Monday 21st Winter Solstice( combined with full moon on 30th)


The Layers of the Onion!

Sometimes when we are going through our spiritual growth it can bring us to the bottom of the barrel – that dark place where we really question ourselves. It is a place where we are faced with our fears and insecurities and often feel alone.  Spirit brings us there as an invitation to face what is within us that needs healing.

In this place of our fears and insecurities we have free will whether to face them or run from them. When we face them it makes us stronger and we clear the hurdle so we don’t need to face it again. When we run from it, it may lead to some form of “dis-ease” or addiction.

Knowing in these situations that no matter what you do your Ancestors and your Spirit Helpers are there to support you. Most of us feel that we are totally alone, we forget we are loved and valued. Sometimes all we have to do is ask for help. Remember that your Ancestors have been through this and are there to help (all you need to do is call on those who are in Heaven and who love you to help you).

These life experiences are there to allow us to let go of what no longer serves us as we peel away the layers of the onion and allow the being of who we really are to shine through. It is in these times and on our souls journey where shamanism can have a profound effect in changing our lives for the better and giving us tools to create change so that our own souls journey and our Ancestral lineage into the future becomes a clear and joyful one.

For those of you who feel like there is healing needed or if you have any questions about the up and coming Shamanic Practitioners Medicine Wheel do not hesitate to contact us and we will happily call you back.

We all wish you a joyful and fulfilled soul journey!


The Blessing of Shamanism and the I AM

What many people don’t realise is that shamanism is a way, a way that breathes you, that moves you, that touches you deep in the heart. It is a connection to All That Is. It is the I AM.

It is a blessing to help us navigate through the layers of soul that need healing as we move deeper into ourselves.
It has Infinite Spirit and as we are on the Earth – shamanism is one of the most powerful tools to help us to connect with the Spirits of the Earth and the Universe! Yes those Spirits that love us and wish to help us to heal so we can all live in more Earth friendly ways on our beautiful Mother (the Mother Earth) and we can all do what our souls came to do!

Shamanism speeds up the healing path and stops many repeating patterns as it goes right to the original hurt to heal the depth of ourselves. When we do this all subsequent patterns are removed although this doesn’t necessarily make it easier as we still have to face what needs healing within ourselves, but the difference is we are held by Spirit as we do this and we are supported by the Spirit of the Medicine Wheel. The Medicine wheel is a connection to all the directions, all the elements and the Spirits that come from the directions. It is really like saying “God come closer, support and hold me until I am through” and God comes and Great Spirit hears your prayers and answers.

Shamanism trains you in the power of ceremony that when anything is happening in your life and you do ceremony the call for help is amplified. This is the power of ceremony. When you are initiated in the Medicine Wheel it is like the Spirits hear you and see you – it is like you can see the answers coming and the blessings coming (when you are ready). Even through the tough bits of life the shamanic wheel and your friends (Spirits) in the directions you can feel them and you know they are there to support you.

Shamanism also goes right to the depth of our Spirit allowing any work we have done on our mind or emotions to beautifully merge. In healing shamanism returns energies back to their proper place in the Universe without judgement so that peace and harmony is restored.

In a nutshell Shamanism is Love.

Even if you are religious shamanism can beautifully merge with any aspect of your life and any religion as it (not being religious itself) connects you to all the directions rather than just up i.e. God in all the directions and within.
As you peel away the layers and look within, we hope that you will reach the beauty that is within us all, as you walk your soul walk in deep peace and harmony. We hope that you hear the sound of your heart so you have the deep peace, sincere joy and the Love of the I Am Presence that we all seek.

White Feathers Woman talks about Shamanism – Shamanism is Love:

Our Ancestors

This month we felt to write about the blessings from the Ancestors. Our Ancestors are those people who have crossed over to Heaven and who can help us if we ask, we have male Ancestors of the father line (on the right), female ancestors of the mother line (on the left) and miscellaneous ancestors in the middle (from the soul walk, past lives etc). There are many many blessings that come down the Ancestral lines, sometimes these can take a little while to see depending on the amount of healing needed in the lines.

Our Ancestors often need healing – the degree of healing needed depends on the individual and the Ancestors themselves. The Ancestors can be out of line or earth bound i.e. not ascended into Heaven or walking out of balance in the spirit worlds. Often when this happens they can cause some sort of emotional or mental dis-ease. It is not until we release them that we realise that some of the thoughts we were thinking and some of the emotions we were feeling were not ours at all! There is no blame with this nor is there a lack of responsibility as if its us we have to take responsibility for all our actions and our thoughts, feelings no matter whey they come from. If you are not sure the Violet Flame is a very good tool to use where you can imagine yourself in a silver gold violet flame burning all the negativity away. Then you can surround yourself in Divine white gold light or what ever colour you feel drawn to.

Another really useful prayer is the Ho’oponopono prayer to help release the Ancestors – if you feel drawn to do this you can try it with a friend: Light a candle calling on Divine Great Spirit /Archangel Michael to hold your space. Kneel beside the candle and say “my name is ….. and I call upon my Ancestors of my mother line …name of mother those that are in heaven and that love me.” Then wait a minute and breathe and feel and then say “my name is ….. and I call upon my Ancestors of my father line …name of father those that are in heaven and that love me.” Again wait a minute breathe and feel and then say “my name is ….. and I call upon my miscellaneous Ancestors those that are in heaven and that love me.” Relax and breathe and talk to them – tell them what’s going on and what you need help with. Talk to them like you would your dearest family member.

If there is an issue with an Ancestor that you want to heal, you can ask the Ancestors in Heaven to help you. You can call on the Higher Self of the Ancestor that you have the issue with (this can also be done for any person in Spirit that there may be issues with always calling on the Higher Self of the person so they can choose to come and this also protects you) and then you can say the Ho’oponopono prayer:

“I’m sorry, Please forgive me, (I forgive you), I thank you, I love you” repeat 3 times. You can add the I forgive you in if you feel to and you can also be more specific if you feel you need to and describe what you are sorry for or forgive for etc.

Then you can thank who you called on and say I release you back to your proper place in the Universe I ask that my energy is exactly the way my Higher Self needs it for today. Thank you.

Remember once ascended into heaven the Ancestors are really powerful helpers and protectors of us. They are so deeply connected to us because they walked on Earth.

May you walk in love and beauty with your Ancestors.

Golden Light of Autumn

Nature is about to show us how beautiful it is to release and let go.  As we enter this sacred time of retreating and reflecting, we look back on the year and on our personal harvest at this time.  Wishing you the blessings of Autumn to reach the golden and pure place within yourself, free from fear and all human striving. The golden light of the autumn leaves resembles the golden light within us and the wisdom that comes with age. This is the stage before death and without it there is no rebirth.  Nature is withdrawing reminding us not to be afraid to let go. Many times Paul has been on land and has had to call on the Golden Light of the Sun to burn away the energies that caused harm to land, animals and people. One day he was on a farm in Youghall in Cork that had been cursed by an old woman going back about two generations. In fact she had cursed many farms during her time. This was affecting the health and luck of the people and animals in the locality and region. During the healing working with Spirit and the Ancestors Paul watched as they made the spirit of the old lady gather the energy of the curses she had laid on the land and bring it all to one place. This was manifested in the form of golden sheaves of oats which she had to pile up one by one on top of each other into a large pile. Then this had to be burned to be transmuted and healed. Only then was she allowed to pass on to heaven after the healing of the land, and freeing of all the souls that had been trapped because of her work.

The Golden Light that came from the fire bought the transformation and blessings that were needed at that time and that place. Remember that we have the Golden Light within us in our hearts to transform and heal – all we have to do is connect to it.

Enjoy the magic of Autumn!


Angelic Harmony Therapy with Georgie Deyn

We are so blessed to have met Georgie Deyn, founder of Angelic Harmony Therapy and Angelic Channeler. Georgie is a true gem and a Divine Light sent from heaven! Melanie attended her class in Ireland and can really say it was incredible – a very special 2 days indeed. Georgie has the ability to help you to totally see and reconnect with your Higher Self – to understand why you are here and what you have come to do at the deepest levels in your soul. She does this through her music.
Her energy is able to bring in Strong Divine Beings from the Angelic realms helping you to raise your vibration and let go of the past that does not serve you. Her classes are highly recommended and we hope to host her again in the future.
Have you ever had a dream that your heart and soul wished to pursue? The story behind the formation of Seraphisa may inspire you to follow your heart and dreams and the wisdom of your soul.

Georgie,  the angelic and mesmerising voice behind Seraphisa, always dreamed of being a singer from a very young age. Although she had been singing all her life and tried to follow her dreams it wasn’t until she had two angelic interventions that this dream eventually became a reality. Back in 2010, Georgie was advised by an angel named love; “to follow her passion and sing” However the angel suggested an angelic twist, for she was advised to channel the vibrations of the celestial realms and create a sound healing modality, later to be known as “Angelic Harmony Therapy”. 

Although Georgie was a singer and pure channel for the angels, she needed a sympathetic and caring musician and producer to bring the tracks to life, including the song “Mary me” which she had been singing to clients for many years. So what did Georgie do? She asked the angels to send her the perfect musical partner and was soon given a business card, which guided her to work with musician and producer Marcus C Dolan. The pair soon realised they had a rapport and Seraphisa came to be. Their music has been described as “Heavenly, magical, out of this world and breathtakingly beautiful”. Seraphisa Music has now produced four albums which can be ordered through their website, or downloaded from iTunes, Google play and YouTube.

Marcus has been making and recording music from an early age.  Although born in London his father is from Galway, Ireland. Marcus is a Pianist/Keyboard player/Drummer/Producer Singer songwriter/Composer/Arranger and a music graduate with a background in audio engineering and composing music for television and media. He has worked on programmes for clients such as channel 4, Discovery channel and the European Broadcasting union. As a musician, he has performed live as both a keyboard player and drummer with many artists and groups through numerous musical genres and works across the globe with an array of different vocalists and instrumentalists. He runs his own studio in London where he records the music of Seraphisa together with Georgie and even sometimes ventures out with a mobile set up to Georgie’s angelic retreat when inspiration strikes!

To read more about Angelic Harmony Therapy visit Georgie’s website here:

Healing the deeper soul – past lives and our emotions

Sometimes we have feelings that are not our own, by this we mean that we are allowed to feel everything that we need to help us to heal ourselves. Healing is not always completed in sessions or workshops but is a journey of life – a deepening into who we are. It is the everyday feelings and thoughts and actions that tell us about ourselves and what is our next steps. Being honest with ourselves is a good start.

These feelings that are not always our own can be due to a number of different energies. An example being earthbound spirits i.e. spirits that have not ascended into heaven and are connected to us in some way through past lives, ancestral or other ties. These earthbound spirits can remain attached to people throughout lifetimes due to emotions such as trauma and fear and remain there until they are helped and released back to their rightful place in the Universe. The person who carries these energies can feel unlike themselves at times and be carrying many characteristics of the entity unbeknownst to themselves. When the spirit is released, they can often feel a void and as if part of them is missing, which is completely normal as the spirit could have been with them all their lives. This is when their soul parts also need to come back to them.

An example of this was that a lady recently went to see Grey Elk (Paul) for a healing. She had visited an old battle site which had been a war zone centuries ago and since then she had been feeling energies attached to her and hearing voices shouting about war and being killed. Naturally she was quite distressed by this as she didn’t know why this was happening.

During the healing, Grey Elk was shown that this woman had once been a soldier in this war and had been killed during the battle. Grey Elk was then able to proceed by taking the woman back to that time safely when she faced her death on the battlefield and by doing so, released the spirit (that was a part of her) and had attached to her. By doing this all the other spirits that recognised her and had attached to her from the battle site were also released. This is an example of how parts of ourselves can remain stuck until we deal with them.

Know that whatever comes up for you you will be ready for. There are lots of very good healing modalities that can help a person to heal. It is the intent of the healer and their ability to get out of the way to let Great Spirit through is that which is really important.

May your journey of healing be a blessed and gentle one.


The Love of the Angels!

We all have challenges in life – its how we deal with them and how this changes over time that defines us. If you are one of those people that are open – open to be honest with yourself to really look at the truth within your self even when the truth hurts, you will find in time, you will be walking an amazing path – one that is leading you home to the true calling of your Spirit. Truths can sometimes hurt, and the very nature of our hurts can be difficult to deal with this is why it is so much easier if we call on the Angels and our helpers in Great Spirit to heal them.

There are many Angels and all come from the 5th dimension and above (the God/Goddess dimensions are all above the 5th) anything below this you need to know how to work with, so best just to have your intention in the Higher realms and always when you are clearing/healing to state that all energies released go back to their proper place in the Universe rather than where you think they should go.

We are all ascending into the 5th dimension which is of love, joy and peace – this is aligned with the true essence of our being and so any time we are out of sorts we find meditation, chill time in nature and our soul work with the Spirits helps to bring us back to our true state in a busy world!

The Archangels are also so beautiful and loving and they are there to help us, there are many but here is an example of 7 Archangels that you can call on (information thanks to the Rahanni Celestial Healing manual produced by Carol Stacey).

Archangel Michael – call on him for courage, strength, truth, cutting ties and protection.

Archangel Raphael – call on him for Healing, wholeness and Unity. He gets your life back on track and heals relationships and helps with bereavement. He also helps with the connection to spirituality.

Archangel Chamuel – call on him for help with unconditional love, relationships and nurturing, depression, despair, lonliness or a broken heart.

Archangel Gabriel – call on him for guidance, inspiration and vision. He helps you on your path no matter what. He guides moving house or changing career or starting a family.

Archangel Jophiel – call on him for spiritual knowledge and wisdom, illumination and joy. He helps you awaken on your spiritual path. He provides inspiration for writing for Light.

Archangel Uriel – call on him for peace and tranquility. He helps with tension in the solar plexus, provides calm and inner peace. If you are exhausted call on him.

Archangel Zadkiel – call on him for forgiveness, mercy, tolerance. He transmutes negative energy (through the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame with Saint Germain) and he purifies the body, mind and soul as well as purifying thoughts.

We love the Angels and if you find you are uplifted by connecting to the Angels we are so pleased we have Georgie Deyn of Angelic Harmony Therapy coming this week.

She is holding a concert on Friday night (22nd 7 to 9pm) which is aid of the Jack and Jill Childrens Foundation and special thanks to the Maldron Hotel in Oranmore for sponsoring the room that night.

Then on the Saturday 23rd there is an afternoon with the Angels 2 to 5pm and on the Sunday there is the Angelic Harmony Therapy Attunement day.

We hope to see you there!

Love and a million trillion Angel Blessings to everyone!