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The Power of Community

The power of community is truly amazing, when we get together and focus our intentions, we can achieve so much healing for ourselves, our animals and our environment. When we allow Spirit to work through us and in joining together making the connection even stronger, we can achieve miracles. Our ancestors worked in this way […]

Testimonial – Thanks Marie Healy!

A huge thank you to Marie Healy for writing this lovely testimonial for us for the work of Grey Elk (Paul OHalloran) on house and land healing and individual healing! Thank you Marie!! You are a star!   “If there was a rating system it would be 5 stars all the way!! The word I […]

Full Moon Fire Ceremonies & Festivals 2020

Hi Everyone, The fire ceremonies have now been handed over by Grey Elk to Willie O Toole. Willie is  a great friend and is now the fire keeper. Below are the dates of the fires for 2020 and if you would like to contact Willie here is his number: 0877788063 The fires are held in […]

The Layers of the Onion!

Sometimes when we are going through our spiritual growth it can bring us to the bottom of the barrel – that dark place where we really question ourselves. It is a place where we are faced with our fears and insecurities and often feel alone.  Spirit brings us there as an invitation to face what […]

The Blessing of Shamanism and the I AM

What many people don’t realise is that shamanism is a way, a way that breathes you, that moves you, that touches you deep in the heart. It is a connection to All That Is. It is the I AM. It is a blessing to help us navigate through the layers of soul that need healing […]

Our Ancestors

This month we felt to write about the blessings from the Ancestors. Our Ancestors are those people who have crossed over to Heaven and who can help us if we ask, we have male Ancestors of the father line (on the right), female ancestors of the mother line (on the left) and miscellaneous ancestors in […]

Golden Light of Autumn

Nature is about to show us how beautiful it is to release and let go.  As we enter this sacred time of retreating and reflecting, we look back on the year and on our personal harvest at this time.  Wishing you the blessings of Autumn to reach the golden and pure place within yourself, free […]

Vision Quest 2019

As this year’s shamanic group prepare to embark on their vision quest, we wish them all the best as they deepen their connection to Mother Earth, Great Spirit and to themselves. Vision quest is an ancient shamanic tradition, most commonly associated with Native American cultures, although now practiced all around the world. It is where people spend time in […]

Angelic Harmony Therapy with Georgie Deyn

We are so blessed to have met Georgie Deyn, founder of Angelic Harmony Therapy and Angelic Channeler. Georgie is a true gem and a Divine Light sent from heaven! Melanie attended her class in Ireland and can really say it was incredible – a very special 2 days indeed. Georgie has the ability to help you to totally see and reconnect […]

Healing the deeper soul – past lives and our emotions

Sometimes we have feelings that are not our own, by this we mean that we are allowed to feel everything that we need to help us to heal ourselves. Healing is not always completed in sessions or workshops but is a journey of life – a deepening into who we are. It is the everyday […]