Testimonial – Thanks Marie Healy!

A huge thank you to Marie Healy for writing this lovely testimonial for us for the work of Grey Elk (Paul OHalloran) on house and land healing and individual healing! Thank you Marie!! You are a star!


“If there was a rating system it would be 5 stars all the way!!
The word I always use when I tell people about Paul is “Powerful “.
He is so Powerful & when you go to him you will understand.
He is just amazing at what he does & I’m so grateful he came into our families lives. I just want to keep him! Can we Melanie 🤣
I never knew anything about Shamanism, Geopathic Stress or what a healing can do.
Now my eyes are open to so much going on around me that I could never see before!
I rang in a local radio station, The Neil Prendeville Show, Corks RedFm as they were doing a segment on ghosts as it was Halloween. All the stories were past experiences but mine was happening to me every night & I just thought I was going mad! So I decided to tell everyone on Radio how mad I was (as you do) 🤣🤣 but it was the BEST thing I ever did because they put me in contact with Paul & honestly, not being dramatic but my life changed! It’s still changing now & every day.
There was so much going on in our house, so many trapped souls & Paul came to help & heal them.
I have since got him to do healings on my children & partner & myself & the changes are unbelievable.
If you’re feeling low in energy, not well in yourself but not actually ill, your just not sure what is going on, book an appointment with Paul. It could be Geopathic Stress affecting your home. If you think there is something in your home, your seeing or hearing things & think you could be losing it, like I did!! Your not mad! Contact Paul to see what is going on & he will help you. On top of how powerful he is when it comes to the work he does, outside of that he is a really good hearted, funny person that makes you feel at ease.
If you are reading this, you might be wondering if you should book an appointment to heal you, your house or your land. Don’t hesitate, just go for it & contact Paul or his lovely wife Melanie who deals with his emails, she’s a sweetheart, even though I haven’t met her, through emails I feel like I know her! Also Sarah, who is so lovely, replies to you & no question or help you ask about is mad or silly, they help & advise you so thoughtfully.
I can’t recommend contacting pathwayteaching.com highly enough!”
Marie Healy