Full Moon Fire Ceremonies & Festivals 2020

Hi Everyone,

The fire ceremonies have now been handed over by Grey Elk to Willie O Toole. Willie is  a great friend and is now the fire keeper. Below are the dates of the fires for 2020 and if you would like to contact Willie here is his number: 0877788063

The fires are held in the same location, in Renville park, Oranmore at the fire pit next to the playground and all members of the community are very welcome. These events are free and if you feel like bringing some tea and biscuits to share afterwards, please do so!

Thank you and Blessings to all.


January- Friday 10th Full Moon

February- Saturday 1st Imbolc (combined with full moon on the 9th)

March-  Monday 9th Full Moon Monday 20th Spring Equinox

April- Wednesday 8th Full Moon

May- Friday 1st Bealtaine (combined with full moon on the 7th)

June- Friday 5th Full Moon Sunday 21st Summer Solstice

July- Monday 5th  Full Moon

August- Saturday 1st Lughnasadh (combined with full moon on the 3rd)

September- Wednesday 2nd Full Moon  Tuesday 22nd Autumn Equinox

October- Thursday 1st Full Moon  Saturday 31st Samhain

November- Monday 30th   Full Moon

December- Monday 21st Winter Solstice( combined with full moon on 30th)