Our Ancestors

This month we felt to write about the blessings from the Ancestors. Our Ancestors are those people who have crossed over to Heaven and who can help us if we ask, we have male Ancestors of the father line (on the right), female ancestors of the mother line (on the left) and miscellaneous ancestors in the middle (from the soul walk, past lives etc). There are many many blessings that come down the Ancestral lines, sometimes these can take a little while to see depending on the amount of healing needed in the lines.

Our Ancestors often need healing – the degree of healing needed depends on the individual and the Ancestors themselves. The Ancestors can be out of line or earth bound i.e. not ascended into Heaven or walking out of balance in the spirit worlds. Often when this happens they can cause some sort of emotional or mental dis-ease. It is not until we release them that we realise that some of the thoughts we were thinking and some of the emotions we were feeling were not ours at all! There is no blame with this nor is there a lack of responsibility as if its us we have to take responsibility for all our actions and our thoughts, feelings no matter whey they come from. If you are not sure the Violet Flame is a very good tool to use where you can imagine yourself in a silver gold violet flame burning all the negativity away. Then you can surround yourself in Divine white gold light or what ever colour you feel drawn to.

Another really useful prayer is the Ho’oponopono prayer to help release the Ancestors – if you feel drawn to do this you can try it with a friend: Light a candle calling on Divine Great Spirit /Archangel Michael to hold your space. Kneel beside the candle and say “my name is ….. and I call upon my Ancestors of my mother line …name of mother those that are in heaven and that love me.” Then wait a minute and breathe and feel and then say “my name is ….. and I call upon my Ancestors of my father line …name of father those that are in heaven and that love me.” Again wait a minute breathe and feel and then say “my name is ….. and I call upon my miscellaneous Ancestors those that are in heaven and that love me.” Relax and breathe and talk to them – tell them what’s going on and what you need help with. Talk to them like you would your dearest family member.

If there is an issue with an Ancestor that you want to heal, you can ask the Ancestors in Heaven to help you. You can call on the Higher Self of the Ancestor that you have the issue with (this can also be done for any person in Spirit that there may be issues with always calling on the Higher Self of the person so they can choose to come and this also protects you) and then you can say the Ho’oponopono prayer:

“I’m sorry, Please forgive me, (I forgive you), I thank you, I love you” repeat 3 times. You can add the I forgive you in if you feel to and you can also be more specific if you feel you need to and describe what you are sorry for or forgive for etc.

Then you can thank who you called on and say I release you back to your proper place in the Universe I ask that my energy is exactly the way my Higher Self needs it for today. Thank you.

Remember once ascended into heaven the Ancestors are really powerful helpers and protectors of us. They are so deeply connected to us because they walked on Earth.

May you walk in love and beauty with your Ancestors.