Golden Light of Autumn

Nature is about to show us how beautiful it is to release and let go.  As we enter this sacred time of retreating and reflecting, we look back on the year and on our personal harvest at this time.  Wishing you the blessings of Autumn to reach the golden and pure place within yourself, free from fear and all human striving. The golden light of the autumn leaves resembles the golden light within us and the wisdom that comes with age. This is the stage before death and without it there is no rebirth.  Nature is withdrawing reminding us not to be afraid to let go. Many times Paul has been on land and has had to call on the Golden Light of the Sun to burn away the energies that caused harm to land, animals and people. One day he was on a farm in Youghall in Cork that had been cursed by an old woman going back about two generations. In fact she had cursed many farms during her time. This was affecting the health and luck of the people and animals in the locality and region. During the healing working with Spirit and the Ancestors Paul watched as they made the spirit of the old lady gather the energy of the curses she had laid on the land and bring it all to one place. This was manifested in the form of golden sheaves of oats which she had to pile up one by one on top of each other into a large pile. Then this had to be burned to be transmuted and healed. Only then was she allowed to pass on to heaven after the healing of the land, and freeing of all the souls that had been trapped because of her work.

The Golden Light that came from the fire bought the transformation and blessings that were needed at that time and that place. Remember that we have the Golden Light within us in our hearts to transform and heal – all we have to do is connect to it.

Enjoy the magic of Autumn!