Vision Quest 2019

As this year’s shamanic group prepare to embark on their vision quest, we wish them all the best as they deepen their connection to Mother Earth, Great Spirit and to themselves. Vision quest is an ancient shamanic tradition, most commonly associated with Native American cultures, although now practiced all around the world. It is where people spend time in nature alone to seek answers from spirit, to heal, to find themselves and to recognize and embody their gifts for the benefit of community. Sometimes vision quest ceremonies are called ‘rites of passage’, where they are used to help individuals prepare from moving from childhood to adulthood or through some other form of transition. In the modern world vision quests are invaluable to helping people in times of change. This can be people seeking answers in a crisis, or those seeking a deeper spiritual understanding or those in need of healing.

The people who quest prepare beforehand in ceremony and set their intentions before going out and spending time alone with the elements in a place that feels special to them.

Vision quests take place in nature, when you are alone so spirit can show you what you need to see within yourself in order for you to heal or find the answers you are looking for. In being alone, we reconnect to nature and we are given a chance to re-evaluate our fears, self reliance and vulnerabilities. Great Spirit, Spirit Guides and Power Animals are always present during the quest and hold the space for the healing to take place. Vision quests are also called Hero’s Journeys as upon the return, a person can have overcome a multitude of emotional, physical , mental and spiritual hurdles.

The benefits of vision quest include:

Healing emotional, physical and spiritual illness
Connecting deeper to the nature spirits and spirits around you – ancestors, guides and angels
Facing your fears in the support of a sacred and safe space
Getting answers from spirit as to why you are here?
Letting go of what does not serve you
Help in finding your true self
Help in finding balance and peace

This is a very special, sacred time and we wish all the participants a truly wonderful journey!