Angelic Harmony Therapy with Georgie Deyn

We are so blessed to have met Georgie Deyn, founder of Angelic Harmony Therapy and Angelic Channeler. Georgie is a true gem and a Divine Light sent from heaven! Melanie attended her class in Ireland and can really say it was incredible – a very special 2 days indeed. Georgie has the ability to help you to totally see and reconnect with your Higher Self – to understand why you are here and what you have come to do at the deepest levels in your soul. She does this through her music.
Her energy is able to bring in Strong Divine Beings from the Angelic realms helping you to raise your vibration and let go of the past that does not serve you. Her classes are highly recommended and we hope to host her again in the future.
Have you ever had a dream that your heart and soul wished to pursue? The story behind the formation of Seraphisa may inspire you to follow your heart and dreams and the wisdom of your soul.

Georgie,  the angelic and mesmerising voice behind Seraphisa, always dreamed of being a singer from a very young age. Although she had been singing all her life and tried to follow her dreams it wasn’t until she had two angelic interventions that this dream eventually became a reality. Back in 2010, Georgie was advised by an angel named love; “to follow her passion and sing” However the angel suggested an angelic twist, for she was advised to channel the vibrations of the celestial realms and create a sound healing modality, later to be known as “Angelic Harmony Therapy”. 

Although Georgie was a singer and pure channel for the angels, she needed a sympathetic and caring musician and producer to bring the tracks to life, including the song “Mary me” which she had been singing to clients for many years. So what did Georgie do? She asked the angels to send her the perfect musical partner and was soon given a business card, which guided her to work with musician and producer Marcus C Dolan. The pair soon realised they had a rapport and Seraphisa came to be. Their music has been described as “Heavenly, magical, out of this world and breathtakingly beautiful”. Seraphisa Music has now produced four albums which can be ordered through their website, or downloaded from iTunes, Google play and YouTube.

Marcus has been making and recording music from an early age.  Although born in London his father is from Galway, Ireland. Marcus is a Pianist/Keyboard player/Drummer/Producer Singer songwriter/Composer/Arranger and a music graduate with a background in audio engineering and composing music for television and media. He has worked on programmes for clients such as channel 4, Discovery channel and the European Broadcasting union. As a musician, he has performed live as both a keyboard player and drummer with many artists and groups through numerous musical genres and works across the globe with an array of different vocalists and instrumentalists. He runs his own studio in London where he records the music of Seraphisa together with Georgie and even sometimes ventures out with a mobile set up to Georgie’s angelic retreat when inspiration strikes!

To read more about Angelic Harmony Therapy visit Georgie’s website here: