Healing the deeper soul – past lives and our emotions

Sometimes we have feelings that are not our own, by this we mean that we are allowed to feel everything that we need to help us to heal ourselves. Healing is not always completed in sessions or workshops but is a journey of life – a deepening into who we are. It is the everyday feelings and thoughts and actions that tell us about ourselves and what is our next steps. Being honest with ourselves is a good start.

These feelings that are not always our own can be due to a number of different energies. An example being earthbound spirits i.e. spirits that have not ascended into heaven and are connected to us in some way through past lives, ancestral or other ties. These earthbound spirits can remain attached to people throughout lifetimes due to emotions such as trauma and fear and remain there until they are helped and released back to their rightful place in the Universe. The person who carries these energies can feel unlike themselves at times and be carrying many characteristics of the entity unbeknownst to themselves. When the spirit is released, they can often feel a void and as if part of them is missing, which is completely normal as the spirit could have been with them all their lives. This is when their soul parts also need to come back to them.

An example of this was that a lady recently went to see Grey Elk (Paul) for a healing. She had visited an old battle site which had been a war zone centuries ago and since then she had been feeling energies attached to her and hearing voices shouting about war and being killed. Naturally she was quite distressed by this as she didn’t know why this was happening.

During the healing, Grey Elk was shown that this woman had once been a soldier in this war and had been killed during the battle. Grey Elk was then able to proceed by taking the woman back to that time safely when she faced her death on the battlefield and by doing so, released the spirit (that was a part of her) and had attached to her. By doing this all the other spirits that recognised her and had attached to her from the battle site were also released. This is an example of how parts of ourselves can remain stuck until we deal with them.

Know that whatever comes up for you you will be ready for. There are lots of very good healing modalities that can help a person to heal. It is the intent of the healer and their ability to get out of the way to let Great Spirit through is that which is really important.

May your journey of healing be a blessed and gentle one.