Shamanism is Love

This month we wanted to share about one of our passions how shamanism may help you to heal your life. We can only share from our own experiences as it has changed both our lives so much. So what is it? Shamanism is a connection to All That Is, to all the directions and spirit helpers around you. It is a modality that is so old we have evolved with it, it brings wisdom and connection and reason for being. It is a wonderful tool that can be combined with many therapies.

In a nutshell here is a summary of how shamanism may help you:
Deepens the connection within.
Connects you to the Spirit World and Spirit Helpers around you.
Stabilises emotions.
Clears energy blocks in the Heart and Soul.
Trains you in the power of ceremony and energetic healing tools.
Removes Earthbound spirits and attachments.
Soul retrieval and power retrieval making people whole again.
It connects you with your soul medicine and why you are really here.
Brings it back to who you really are.
Shamanism is Love!

To us it is a beautiful journey one that has the power to take you through even the deepest fears in the soul. Because it is so connected to Great Spirit it helps to free the ties that bind in a faster smoother way for the soul helping the soul not to be held in energies that no longer serve it. It also helps you feel the truth clearer and decipher the path for your own soul and find your medicine and what you really came here to do.

Remember we have the shamanic practitioners Medicine Wheel starting this month so if you heart is called – delay no longer and come and join us for a special journey!

Melanie has done this short podcast about shamanism – hope you enjoy it:

Wishing you love and joy,
Many blessings
Melanie and Paul