Blessings from Great Spirit in a Universal Pipe Ceremony

We feel so honoured and blessed to have had Trinity Vision Seeker (First Nation Cree Grandmother) and Unity Star (another wonderful Grandmother) staying us for the last few weeks. We thank everyone who has come along to the events, fires and one to ones  – we are so very grateful.

Trinity Vision Seeker has the blessings from her tribe and permission from the Ancestors to give Spirit names to people. It was so beautiful that during the 2 day workshop in Galway a person received their name! (We feel we should not write it without asking the person first!!) But it has been a beautiful experience to share that moment.

During this time a beautiful universal pipe was presented to Grey Elk and we thank all the people who blessed it at the workshop in Galway. A thousand million thank you’s!!

Following this we lit the pipe in ceremony and during this ceremony Melanie’s Spirit name was given to Trinity Vision Seeker and it is “White Feathers Woman”! When you receive your name it is like a shower from within as your heart opens and you feel a deep sense of humility, gratitude, acknowledgement and love.

We both feel so honoured and truly grateful at the beauty and love of Great Spirit and the gifts they bring.

We would love to share this with you it is a message from Trinity Vision Seeker on the Universal Pipe ceremony:


Universal Pipe Ceremony

Honouring the spirit of the male and female energies of ‘one’ that is all interconnectiveness.

Through the Spirit of Grey Elk we as Spirit hold this sacred pipe for the cleansing of humanity.

In honouring all that is – we are One with everything.

Since the beginning of time we as souls inhabit a sacred form to “teach” through. To bring the sacredness of life force energy to the world as below, as above.

In doing so, we as souls blessed the sacred doorways to honour our relations through all journeys in this blessing we as souls shared a sacred knowledge in the gifting of Melanie’s Spirit name – White Feathers Woman. Her Spirit name was introduced back to her through her sacred pipe she held in Spirit.

We are grateful to share our sacred energies together as we walk in this journey.

All  my relations

Trinity Vision Seeker and Unity Star.