Helping our Ancestors in Spirit

Our Ancestors are the lineage we are born into, before we come in as a soul we choose our parents and in choosing them, we choose the lessons we came here to learn to some degree. There is sometimes  a contract between us and them as we help and teach each other on this Earth walk.

Usually our Grandparents and parents are our teachers in the younger years of our life although this varies for everyone. They our the physical blood connection in this body and they can also be our guardians.

When an Ancestor crosses over (be it near family or grandparents) it can be a traumatic time for us. The love is often very strong and sometimes we can hold on to them emotionally. In cases we can also experience soul loss and need soul retrieval work to bring us back to wholeness. Sometimes the Ancestors also hold on to us emotionally, thus they become earthbound (not fully ascended to Heaven) when they cross.

Ancestors, or Spirits, can be earth bound for many reasons – an attachment to a person or a place, carrying an emotion such as guilt for fear of being judged when they cross, sudden death, and also dying from conditions where they have been very “out of it” they may not fully cross over as they are disorientated. These are just a few examples why some Ancestors or Spirits have stayed behind.

When an Ancestor or Spirit is Earth bound and still around you, you may feel their emotions as if they were your own and you may be unaware of this.

The good news is that they can be released and freed and guided up to Heaven where they become part of Source bringing both you and them a great sense of peace. It is also true that once they are a part of Source they can see clearly and are not masked by the lower vibrations of this earth so they are able to help you from a place of love (being a part of Source). So do not be afraid to let them truly go as in doing so they will become one with the love in your heart in returning home to Source.