Soul retrieval – are you missing a piece?

In many cultures over the world the concept of soul retrieval is shared by the indigenous peoples even if it is called a different name. Soul retrieval is when an aspect of someone’s soul leaves their body through trauma, sickness, or another reason such a soul shock.

The shaman or shamanic practitioners purpose is to bring the soul part or soul parts (sometimes called soul fragments) back to the person to make the soul full again.

Some indicators of soul loss may be addictions, always looking for something, never satisfied, looking out not within, always changing jobs to name a few.

Traditionally the shaman would journey out to the worlds to find the soul part and bring it back and blow it into the person through their heart and crown chakras.

It came to Grey Elk in his work of the power of 3 where there are the 3 worlds – the lower, middle, and upper and in the Celtic tradition they have colours; the black, the red and the white cauldron also in the African tradition you have the black, the red and the white medicine.

After reading the book Chosen by the Spirits Following your Shamanic Calling by Sarangerel, where in the Mongolian tradition one part of the soul goes to the lower world, one part goes to the middle world and one part goes to the upper world Grey Elk had been guided to do a similar practice for his soul retrievals. In this Mongolian tradition the part that goes to the lower world will pick up its karma on the way back for this life, the part of the soul that goes to the middle world connects with the stone people and the tree people (this is why we say we are all connected as we are the stones, the trees and the Source in everything is an extension of ourselves). The last aspect of the soul resides in the spirit world.

So now when Grey Elk does Soul retrieval, he is guided to blow in all 3 aspects of the person, the first part goes into the lower cauldron bringing back the vitality of the soul, the next into the middle cauldron which reconnects it with its power and the last into the upper cauldron which reconnects the soul with spirit.

If is such a joyful and humbling experience when you can see a person truly touched by the beauty of Great Spirit and once again feeling whole.

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To learn how to do soul retrieval please see the shamanic practitioners course starting later this month.

Blessings and thanks

Melanie and Paul