One to one journey days

Hoping you are all well as you read this. We have updated the information on the one to one intensive journey day with Grey Elk (Igqirha (Shaman/healer) Paul). These days were set up to allow a real depth of healing, release and a deeper connection to Spirit for individual people. They can focus on issues that you have currently be they emotional, spiritual, mental or physical that you wish to heal. They can be used to do ceremony for something you want in your life, for example connecting with your soul purpose or healing relationships, or for something that you may feel is blocked or not flowing at some level. They can also be used when you do not know what is wrong in your life but you know it is not flowing the way it should be.

These intensive journey days take place from 10am to 5pm and have lunch included. Sometimes it is important for us to set time aside for ourselves where we can connect with the essence of our soul and our spirit and be guided as to what we need to heal at this particular time. In the shamanic world we do this through journeying and vision quest where we sit for a period of time alone with Spirit to connect or to ask what the next step is in our journey or what we need to work through at any particular time. Unfortunately in the world we live in now not everyone can take the time to do this or not everyone can communicate with Spirit as they would like to. This is why we have designed a one to one intensive day where you are guided as to what you need at the deepest level you will allow yourself to go and you are held in a sacred safe space to integrate the teachings.

The day costs 550Euro and can be booked though here.

Please contact us to book a date. Thank you

Blessings Melanie and Paul